Our Story


A routine doctors visit changed our lives. We were there to find out the sex of our 4th child. With the room crowded, we eagerly anticipated the news. It’s a boy was the news...but not all the news. Something wasn’t right. We were ushered to another room to await the doctor for further explanation. We were then sent across the hall to the high risk doctor. Our son was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. We had never even heard of the word before. Basically his brain produces spinal fluid (just like everyone else), but there is no way for the fluid to drain. We were told there was nothing we could do while pregnant...we just had to wait. The doctor advised us that we had the option to terminate our pregnancy. We responded to him and told him that would never be an option. I remember telling him that we were Christians, and we believed our God was the God of the impossible. Thus we began our new journey.

As the days and week progressed we found ourselves leaning and trusting in our Lord in ways we had never experienced. For a man, wanting to “fix” the situation, there was nothing I could do. For a mom, who desperately wanted her son to be healthy, there was nothing she could do...we just had to trust Him....for real.....for everything. The following doctors visits brought more hard news...more fluid...every visit...there was more fluid every time. But as the fluid continued to build in Ward’s head, God continued to build himself inside of our hearts. God was planning to use Ward to impact the world, and He needed us to be ready.

Kim met a dear friend during her pregnancy. Shannon was preparing to go to Uganda....to minister to mother’s with babies...that had hydrocephalus. We were amazed. Shannon was traveling with CURE (cure.org), and they have a hospital there that performs the shunt procedure (same procedure that Ward would have at birth). We were horrified to learn that mother’s in Uganda are encouraged/forced to kill their own children, as the hydrocephalus is viewed as a curse. Shannon was going with CURE to reach mothers before this happened to their babies.

Ward Asher Elrod came 5 weeks early. He was born at Piedmont Hospital, and quickly taken from us to travel via ambulance to Egleston. His shunt was installed the next day, and we were in Egleston for 15 days. I don’t think we could ever type enough to tell of how God carried us through this time. Once we were home, Kim and Kelley (Kim’s sister) decided to do some type of fundraising to raise funds for a babies surgery in Uganda. The goal was to raise enough for 1 surgery...at that time the cost was right at $1,000. They decided on making some bracelets, using fabric and wood beads...neither of them knew how to make these. Word spread fast, and in less than a month, the initial goal was reached. Soon there was enough for two surgeries. It was obvious that this was going to be bigger than any of us anticipated. We realized God wanted to use Ward and his testimony for His Glory. We were able to send a $6,597 check to CURE International in December 2011.

We formed The Asher Foundation with the sole purpose of Glorifying God. Our vision was expanded to reach others, not only those affected by hydrocephalus, though we will always be involved with those dealing with hydrocephalus. Asher is an Old Testament name, meaning “blessing or happy”. We wanted to make happiness and blessings a reality in others lives...both physically and spiritually. We believe that is done through the foundation...Jesus Christ. So as we move forward, we proceed in amazement of what God can do...not only in our son, but in all of our hearts...if we let Him. Thank you for partnering with us in this experience, and this testimony of the goodness of God.


Brian & Kim Elrod