Asher News

August 6, 2013

family"We are thrilled to share that Regis was united with his family in July.  The namesake of "The Regis Project" is now here!  Thanks to all of our supporters who continue to empower us in reaching others not only with the care they need, but with the Savior who loves them!"

Dec. 17th

Regis is a precious boy who will be coming home to his forever family in the Summer of 2013.  His forever family is our very own David and Kelley Berry!  Regis was born with club foot.  He has already undergone his corrective surgery.  We are partnering with CURE International once again to reach out to others affected by this same condition.  We will be selecting one child per month to receive the necessary procedure to heal this club foot condition!  Thank you to all our supporters for making this possible!


April, 20th

ZoeI was driving to pick up Whitney from pre-school a few months back. I was at a red light and I felt the Lord tell me to pray for a mother having a baby with hydrocephalus. I did not know anyone pregnant at that time. I just started praying.

I checked my blog about a week later and looked at the history of who had been visiting my page. I found another moms blog address. When I clicked on it guess what? I was on a page of a mom due anytime with her baby girl Zoe. Guess what Zoe was diagnosed with?? Hydrocephalus. I contacted Jennifer, the mom of baby Zoe. She is an amazing woman, so strong in the Lord. I had the chance to talk to Jennifer for the first time last week. I felt a connection to her, as our mothers hearts have both been down the same road with our babies. Zoe has been in and out of the hospital and we have been praying for her. Zoe is just beautiful! She, like Ward is a blessing to all who know her. We wanted to name a bracelet after Zoe and ask you to be in prayer for this sweet baby girl.

Kim Elrod

Feb, 10th

will-brian-wardLast Sunday we were on our way home from church. Will, our oldest son, shouted from the back that he had something to tell me when we got home. When we made it home, we both went into my office....he said he wanted it to be private. Once in my office I asked him what he needed to tell me. His voice was kind of cracking and he said he wanted to give some money to the Asher Foundation. I told him that was great, and asked him how much he wanted to donate. Now almost crying he said "$300". Since his birth, we have saved the majority of his Christmas money, birthday money, etc in a savings account. I was surprised by the amount, and I asked him if the Lord told him that amount to give (since he seemed so sure on the amount). Now fully crying he said "Yes". Just wanted to share this blessing with you all! And once again we are humbled and grateful for what all our God is doing in and through this ministry!

- Brian Elrod

Feb, 1st

refugeesThe Asher Foundation is pleased to announce our partnership with The Refugee Sewing Society! You can view all about their unique ministry at These precious women have already begun assisting us assemble Asher Bracelets, and some of our yet to be announced products!