We are partnering with Good Samaritan Baptist Mission in Honduras


Our goal is the send 10 children to school for 1 year. The 10 children we are sponsoring are below.


The school year begins this month (Feb)

In addition to an education in a Christian School they will also receive:

* A hot meal for lunch

* Uniform and shoes

* Books and supplies

All for $30 per month!

So our goal is $3,600.

"We are so thankful to the Asher Foundation for sponsoring 10 special needs children in the Good Samaritan Christian School in San Marcos de Colon, Honduras. These children are suffering from all kinds of learning disabilities, even from malnutrition which has affected their learning. They will not only have a kind, patient and qualified teacher who will be working with them but will also receive nourishment in the mornings and a hot meal at lunch. How refreshing to know people who care for the special needs children all over the world. Thank you, Brian, Kim and all those involved in this wonderful ministry."

Missionary Joan Tyson